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Happy Thanksgiving

by on Nov.21, 2007, under Drums

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am currently enjoying vacation at my folks house in Texas. The weather was good for a few days but it looks like freezing weather over the holiday. They are actually talking snow on the weekend!

Having this vacation gives me time to listen through my recorded practice sessions. By the time I return next month, I will have the clips ready for upload. They sound pretty good to everyone here who has heard them. I just hope they sound good to you.

I have five clips ready to go, but there is only dial-up at my parents house. Uploading media files would be painfully slow – especially when the modem wants to disconnect (noisy phone line).

Logic is proving to be a very cool program, but there are a lot of features I need to learn. With my wife’s help in reading the manual (I can’t read because I am legally blind), I hope to be well versed in the program in a few weeks – maybe months.

I can write these posts with the help of the zoom feature in OS X and iListen.

Thank you all for reading and have some good food tomorrow. Mom’s making a turkey so I plan to eat well! 

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An Update to the Roland Kit

by on Nov.11, 2007, under Drums

I have expanded the kit a bit, using all available inputs with the addition of two more cymbals. The photo below shows cymbal number one placed above the hi-hat. Also, notice I have added a Pearl Hi-hat clutch which is a great tool for double-bass work. This had to be modified – sharing parts from both the Roland clutch and the Pearl clutch.

Cymbal Pad and hi-hat cluct

The other cymbal pad has been placed between the ride and crash and serves as a special effects cymbal – like a china type or swisher. In addition, you may notice the Roland SPD-20, and 8 pad percussion system. This is self contained and has expansion inputs numbering four. I have yet to decide to expand on that – maybe a foot trigger but we’ll see.

The SPD-20 serves as my percussion voice with a wide variety of bells, tubes, chimes, percussion hits, sound effects and many more. There are 700 sounds in this so it will take some time to figure out what I want. Right now, the output is connected to the Mix-In on the TD-20 module, but I can connect the SPD-20 to the TD-20 via MIDI but I haven’t figured that one out yet.


If I may, I would like to share my view when I practice. It’s one that is difficult to beat I think. It can be very peaceful – and cool with the window open.

Pacific View

I have recorded several bits of my practice routine and will soon upload them to the “sounds” page. I have also decided to work on a new page called “ToolBox,” and will contain clips of a variety of items one can apply to a solo or performance – like samba rhythms, double-bass work and much more.Look for that!

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