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Finally a Drum Related Post – Hi-Hat Tip

by on Feb.25, 2008, under Drums

Here is a tip I hope you will find useful.

When I am not playing double-bass patterns, my foot rests on the hi-hat pedal. When I do hi-hat clicks with the foot, I used to keep my foot on the pedal and try to keep the beat, but I found that beat was rushing. What I do now when I add clicks with the hi-hat is I lift my foot about 3 inches off the pedal after each click. I found the timing improved and I did not have to concentrate as much in keeping the rhythm.

I hope this little tip is helpful. Keep on jammin’!!!

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Astronomy Text for Low Vision and the Blind

by on Feb.07, 2008, under Astronomy

Touch The Invisible Sky, written by Noreen Grice, Simon Steel and Doris Daou, is the first astronomy text I have seen that is specific to low vision and the blind. That is not to say such services are not available for people like me. Noreen Grice founded the website called You Can Do Astronomy – a website dedicated to teaching astronomy to those with disabilities.

I am happy to know such services exist, and the world needs to know about them. As for this book, it is simply wonderful. Geared for introduction to astronomy, the text features a hybrid of braille and large print. The images feature a special tactile feel with legend so the blind can "see" the extent of nebula, a galaxy, dust particles and so on. It’s a great idea.

Touch the Invisible Sky

The focus of this book is the use of a variety of light detection methods used to study astronomical objects in depth. It has a great introduction into the electromagnetic spectrum and light. It also focuses on the Hubble Space Telescope (visible light), the Spitzer Space Telescope (infrared), the Chandra X-Ray Telescope (x-ray), and Radio telescopes.

Using these methods, the text goes into detail about the Sun, Eta Carinae (a large star on the verge of supernova), the Crab Nebula (a supernova remnant), the Kepler supernova remnant (also known as Cassiopeia A), the Whirlpool galaxy and the Antennae galaxies (a pair of merging galaxies).

The book itself is wire bound and has 59 thick and durable pages. It is protected by a clear plastic cover. The cost of the text is $75.00 and can be purchased from Ozone Publishing.

I highly recommend this text for those who are blind or have low vision. I would even recommend this to anyone as a great introduction into multi-wavelength astronomy.

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