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It’s Been Too Long

by on Mar.28, 2009, under Personal

It’s March 28, 2009 and I have not posted anything for several months. I want to change this. If I have fans out there, which I doubt, I am sure they would like to know what’s up.

Not much has changed for me. My vision has decreased even more a few months ago but it now seems to be holding steady. I have recorded a few drum clips on my trustry M-Audio Microtrak II that I still need to edit in Samplitude. I would very much like to share them with you.

The biggest concern now is my father. He is not doing well at all. In 1969, he was exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Since then, he has had a host of health issues, mainly his heart. One half of his heart does not function properly and he has to be on a host of medication to make sure his heart stays beating. Having the standard quadruple by-pass surgery and several angioplasties, his condition has continued to deteriorate. He also has several bits of cancer in a variety of places in his body, none of which aree harmful at this time. The most recent surgery was the implacement of a pacemaker.

Two weeks ago, his heart began to beat very rapidly. His pacemaker is designed to work if the heart beats slowly. A result of the rapid heart beat was another heart attack. He weas in ICU for 5 days. They had to shock him back to life three times. The plan is to replace the current pacemaker with one that controls both slow and rapid heart beats. However, last week he complained of severe pain, the cause of which was an infected pancreas. It turns out his raft of medication was too much. They had to remove about a gallon of stomach acid and he had to go back to ICU. THis time they had to shock him back to life twice – to be expected since his medication has to go through some changes.

On Monday, he is off to Austin, Texas (a three hour ride in an ambulance from home) to have the pacemaker surgery. I am so worried I may loose him, so for those out there I ask you pray for him and keep him in your thoughts. He is a good man – honest to a fault, trustworthy and faithful. His family still needs him.

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