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To All You Credit Reduction Folks

by on Jan.27, 2010, under Humor, Website Related

I have been getting many comments on my Citi Bank Sucks post, and I realize that the comments are clever spam. The comments make me look good so I allow the comments, I just remove the links to your sites!

How do you like that?

Keep on posting comments if you wish, just know that I will not allow this blog to be free advertising for you.

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Someone Needs to Say It

by on Jan.24, 2010, under Personal, Science

The earthquake that pretty much decimated Haiti was a terrible event. Once again, this reminds us that we live on a very dynamic, changing planet were the variety of landmasses floats on the asthenosphere (visit my main site for more information). To say that H.A.A.R.P. caused the earthquake is absolutely silly. We are still low on cash, fighting two wars so we fire up this scientific device causing and earthquake just so we can send more troops and money? Forget about it!

I will say that I am happy and proud that we all have rallied together to send millions of dollars in aid. Thank you 82nd Airborne for delivering the food and medical gear. I am also amazed at the survivors, 10 days out! I sat don’t give up on the search just yet.

The help cannot stop here. Haiti needs to be rebuilt and every country that has the money should bear the responsibility to make it happen.

So what is it that needs to be said?

There are still too many people without jobs, children who have no parents, homeless and those loosing their homes, and hunger – right here in the United States. It would be nice to see the same enthusiasm to aid those in need and to create more jobs as the aid to Haiti, however there is no comparison to loss of life than loss of a job or home so there are priorities.

Mat I offer some job creation ideas? Let’s mass produce solar energy components here in the US. Make it affordable so every home owner can install a solar system. Let’s have the government offer a tax credit for those who buy one. There is a benefit to this as well – less strain on the national power grid!

As for the jobs created for mass production: engineers, software programmers, designer, line workers for construction and assembly, managers, quality control (and others I am sure); and this is for only one part. There are several components: solar panels, wires, combiners, batteries, charge regulators, and power inverters.

I know I went off topic there, but unfortunately that is how my mind works. I would like to end this post by saying to those in Haiti, my heart goes out to each one of you.

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