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A Message to Apple, Steve Jobs and His Apple TV Engineers

by on Feb.11, 2010, under Personal

Dear Apple, Steve Jobs

I use my Apple TV pretty much 75% of the time when I am watching TV. I have acquired a large number of movies, TV shows, music and iPhone apps from iTunes. I love both the Apple TV and iTunes, but there is room for much improvement.

I find it a hassle and a waste of energy to leave my computer on so I can stream something that is not stored locally on the Apple TV. 160 GB is paltry compared to what is out there now. Soon the iPod will probably have more capacity than the Apple TV!

Is there a rumor of an update? There is a USB port in the back, with its purpose kept secret. Couldn’t that be used to add an external hard drive? Or is there a rumor of a new line of Apple TV’s with a choice of capacity? Laptop hard drives have  gone up to 750GB. That’s a lot of media! And they are certain to get larger.

Now on a non-technical note: Apple TV is capable of closed captioning, but only if the movie studio incorporates the captions in their digital transfer. I am no lawyer but doesn’t that violate some disability law? I think Apple should demand captions be included. I have already wrote a message about this (unfortunatly it was to their “sugestions” e-mail). I think if more people make this request, then I hope Apple will comply and demand the studios add captions to all movies.

If anyone has a better e-mail for someone at Apple who is in charge of these things, or even the man himself, send it to me at: astronomyonline (at)

Thanks for reading.

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