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Judgement Day

by on May.23, 2011, under Humor, Personal

Judgment Day postponed until October 21, 2011.

Yeah, this Camping guy assumes he used the Bible to
predict the end of days. As far as faith and the Bible is concerned, there two
problems: the Bible does not state hoe long Adam and Eve were in the Garden of
Evil and two since creation occurred before hans created the calendar, how long
is a “day.”

There is a third: who is he to know what God will do and
when it will happen. Sounds like pride.

Being a scientist, a global earthquake is a silly idea.
There are no known Near Earth Object on a course save one: asteroid Apophos -I
think that is the spelling. It should pass close to Earth closer than the moon.
So far the date is between 2029 to 2036. Will it hit Earth? Not likely. CME
eruptions from the Sun? Nope. Planetary alignment? Nope. A pole shift? Nope,
and the only thing affected in that are things that rely on magnetic north like
birds, GPS perhaps. Earth-crust displacement? This theory is replaced by plate
tectonics. And no.

The Earth is safe so far. The only thing that will severely harm the
world are humans!

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