Some New Solyndra News

by on Sep.14, 2011, under Personal

Some interesting news on the Solyndra bankruptcy. It seems the 500 plus million dollar loan was NOT approved under the Bush administration but approved under the Obama team. White house emails infer they wanted the loan to go through do they can be at the opening ceremony. In other words, Obama spent more money we don’t have just so he can look good by saying more jobs being available. Our government thinks we are stupid.

Next year is the time to vote for our president. Do we want to keep Obama who continues to spend money we don’t have? Remember the bank bailout? Us regular folks saw none of that. Loans for us? That is what it was for but banks used it to buy other banks and bonuses. Americans are still loosing their homes.

Please research the candidates and complain to your congressmen. America is We the People!!!

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