One thing I will really miss about California – Oak Tree Mazda

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My wife and I will be moving to Texas in a few months, and to be honest I cannot wait. This state is going downhill fast, and I always wondered how a state can get away with both state income tax and sales tax! Texas has sales tax so I wont ever have to pat state income tax.

Yes I will miss the moderate temperature, the culture and of course the ocean. But there is one thing I will really miss and this will sound strange. I will miss my car dealer? I have bought cars in many different states and all the dealer wants to do is get you in the car, have you sign the contract and leave. And if you need repair, the service at the dealer is like a game of roulette.

I had a Mazda Millenia that was paid for, but I unfortunately I totaled it. Now I am a huge Mazda fan. I call them the best car no one knows about – but the Mazda3 seems to be changing that! My wife and I went to Oak Tree Mazda on Stevens Creek Blvd in San Jose to get a new car. She walked right up to a Liquid Silver 2010 Mazda3 (this was in January 2010). I can tell she wanted it. The process of getting the car was fast and painless with no pressure for add-on or model changes.

I brought in the car to their service shop for all the routine maintenance. I brought my car in when my right front tire was flat. After examining it, they warned me that the nail was too close to the sidewall so I will need a new tire, but they fixed the hole anyway at no charge. How cool is that. The most recent service was a few months ago and it was then I decided to write a blog about Oak Tree Mazda. If you are in the market for a new car, get a Mazda! And buy it at Oak Tree Mazda. And if you want an honest sales person, ask for Norman J. Arnold. Their phone number is (408) 553-6300. Judging by the integrity of Norman and the quality of their service department, Oak Tree Mazda hires top notch people.

Now lets look at just a small taste of the cars they sell:

Mazda Miata

My first Mazda was a Miata back in 196 so I am a bit partial to them. They have changed quite a bit. Gone are the pop up lights, but you now have a choice of soft or hard top.

Mazda Miata Hard Top

Mazda Miata Hard Top Front View

The interior has changed a bit over the years as well. More convenience features, better sounding stock radio and more places to store stuff.

Miata Interior

Mazda is also known for their very unique color pallet that changes year to year. Here is a close up of the Miata we have been looking at, the 2012 special edition.

Mazda Miata Hard Top Color Close Up

Miata’s are not the only ones they sell of course. There are many Mazda3 in 2-door, 4-door, and 5-door (or hatchback) like this model below:

Mazda3 5-door

My wife and I own the 2010 5 door Mazda3 and we love it. Fully loaded its comes with a Bose stereo with sub-woofer. The volume changes with the ambient noise. It has a navigation system, front lights that turn with you, front and side air bag. 17″ wheels and lots more. It drives now just as it did off the lot. No rattles are loose parts. Everything still works as it should.

More Choices

There are more choices like the Mazdaspeed3 (left), and RX-8 (middle) and a Mazda6 I think (right. There is also the new Mazda2 and Mazda5. The Mazda2 is the affordable starter car and the Mazda5 is geared towards family. There is also the CX line: the CX-7 and CX-9 which are their luxury crossover line of vehicles. Definitely a must too look at. Give Norman Arnold a call and he will be happy to show you any model you wish.


This is NOT a paid advertisement. I am just sharing my experience with Oak Tree Mazda and I hope you have the same experience I did.

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