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Ricky Leon Murphy

My main site is Astronomy Online, which has always been my main passion. This site is created to provide humor and insight into my life now. The reason is I have recently become visually disabled – similar to what happens to the elderly with Macular Degeneration. I have a new and rare condition called Macular Serpiginous. Luckily this affects only the central retina.

This means I am legally blind – 20/200 in my right eye and barely 20/400 in my left (dominant) eye. There is a sense of irony since I worked as a ophthalmic photographer for 18 years. Now I cannot take photos anymore. I cannot even read a book without the aid of an 8x photographers loupe that spy’s one word at a time.

This is where “astrodrummer” comes in. Since I have a Masters in astronomy, I will always be an astronomer. I will still find ways to contribute to that subject. The drummer part, well I don’t need great eyesight to be a drummer. In fact its the one thing I can do without any aides at all.

I have my Apple MacBook Pro with a 30″ monitor (set to low res so I can read it), Logic 8 Studio and an Apogee Duet portable sound card so I can record. So that is the main reason for this site – to show images of my drum set and to upload tracks for everyone to enjoy. And that despite a serious handicap, life can still be enjoyed to its fullest. Technology aside, what really gets me through the day are the eyes and support of my lovely wife, Chanthirar. She is my target assessor, my cane and source of inspiration.

There is more biography on my Astronomy Online site. If you have questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at ricky.murphy (at)

Ricky Murphy

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