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The Roland TD-20BKS – The Set I Currently Use

by on Sep.27, 2007, under Drums

About the only thing that does not require visual aide is drumming, at least for me. So to keep me happy I bought me a Roland TD-20BKS a few months ago.Electronic drums have come a long way, and while I would lobe to have a nice set of acoustic drums – say by DW – these will keep the neighbors happy.

Wide View of the kit

The kit sits in my bedroom – and given the nature of our one bedroom apartment – I am amazed it fits. There are 5 tom pads, 1 snare pad, a bass drum pad, 4 cymbal pads and a pair of hi-hat pads.

Right view

From this angle, you can see the carpet, which is actually Roland’s TDM-20 acoustical mat. There is the glimpse of my Roc-N-Soc seat, the DW5000 double-bass pedal, DW5000 Hi-Hat stand, the TD-20 brain, and the FS-6 footswitch. The footswitch is cool because it allows me to switch drum kits. For example, some drummers have more than 5 toms, so I will make a high and low range and switch between them.

A caution about the FS-6: it’s powered by a 9 volt battery and there is no power switch. The battery runs dry in about 4 days. I leave the battery disconnected until I really need to use the foot switch.

Far right view

This view offers a better look at the snare pad, a few of the tom pads and the hi-hat. Notice my stick holder.

Left view

This left view shows the rest of the tom pads as well as most of the cymbal pads.

Bass pad

This view shows the bass drum pad as well as the main component of the DW5000 double-bass pedal. You can also see my DW snare stand as well.

The brain

This image shows the two most amazing parts of this kit. The TD-20 module controls the sound. There are 15 trigger inputs – each with dual trigger capability. That means my snare and tom pads also have rim sounds. The cymbals have edge and bell sounds. I have room for two more pads and those will be cymbals – one on each side of the kit.

The hi-hat is another amazing pad. It actually comes in two pieces, just like a real hi-hat. And just like a real hi-hat, it uses a regular hi-hat stand. This pad also has bell and edge sound, and even pressure. Step on the pedal tight to get the tight, higher pitched sound.

The stage

I live upstairs and as a result electronic kits are loud. It has been described to be like I am bouncing a basketball every time I hit the bass pad. My neighbors are pretty cool about me practicing, but I wanted to tone down the noise.The result is the stage you see. This actually cuts the noise significantly and is very muffled for the folks down stairs. The stage uses Auralex acoustical foam – this style specifically for making a drum stage. They are spaced 4 inches apart and applied to the bottom of 3/4 inch plywood using their included special glue. On top of the plywood sits the Roland TDM-20 acoustical mat to further assist in sound dampening.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my drum set. Comments are welcome.

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