This page will be dedicated to the list of tunes I will upload for your enjoyment. Hardware is hosted by an Apple MacBook Pro and software is controlled by the new Logic Studio.

Logic Screen Shot

Logic is one of the reasons I switched to a Mac. Only time will tell if that switch (for that reason) is worth it.The sounds on this page will be in two parts:

  • Part 1 will be a quick tour sound wise as to the abilities to the TD-20BKS. There are patterns included to play along with and I will include a few of those
  • Part 2 will be my playing with my favorite Rush tunes

Don’t expect much with the playing skill, but I think I can keep a beat! It has been a long time since I had been able to practice on a regular basis. Just about all of my influences have played continuously for decades and it shows in their playing. My main influences are: Neil Peart (the one who started it all – Tom Sawyer was the song, I was 10 at the time), Steve Gadd (love his jazz-Latin feel), Dave Weckl (technically proficient and musical at the same time), Virgil Donati (double-bass and odd time genius), Will Kennedy (ultimate jazz and super fast), and Mike Portney (my current favorite – Dream Theater is an awesome band and his rock chops and use of his big kit are amazing).

I like to set goals, and I set mine pretty high. Virgil Donati’s band, Planet X, has a new album out called Quantum. It’s an auditory feast of self-indulgence that is just incredible. If I can play the first song called Alien Hip Hop, I would be soooo happy. Check out that song and you will agree!

As promised, I have some sound clips – they are mp3’s. These were not altered in any way aside from a fade-in and fade-out.And for the sake of good manners, this material is copywrited. You can listen to them or use the to inspire you, but not to be used directly or as loops or samples.

  • Mini Double-Bass Solo – This is just a clip I snipped out of a long practice with dropped singles on a double-bass improvisation. Family and friends who heard this says it’s their favorite.
  • The Walk – When I first learned the “trap kit,” I was taught to start with alternating hi-hat and bass – sort of like walking. From there, you can improvise with whatever you want on the toms and snare, like I did here.
  • Fills – This is a clip of a variety of triplets and double-bass fills.
  • Double-Bass Solo – This clip is a double-bass pattern throughout, and introduces my SPD-20.
  • 3/4 March – This clip is based on Neil Peart’s 3/4 hi-hat and bass-drum pattern on his latest solo – O’Basteria. It’s rather fun to play.
  • Odd Time Fills – I tried to make this entire section out of 5/4 time. I think towards the end that fell off to standard time.
  • Neil Peart Kit – To sample to possibilities of the TD-20, this kit sound is Neil Peart’s last Drum Workshop kit – programmed by v expressions limited.
  • Tamo Ash Kit – This is another kit to sample the TD-20 possibilities. This is a kit made from Tamo Ask – programmed by v expressions limited.
  • African Sounds – The TD-20 includes an African sound kit. This sample uses unaltered sounds from that kit.
  • Bass Line – This kit was fun to play. I programmed the bass drum to play one of the included sequence sounds. In this case a bass guitar.
  • FX – Another pre-programmed kit, called FX, uses the hi-hat pedal to alter the sound of certain drums sounds – like the pedal on a Timpani.
  • Survivor – This is not the theme to the crappy CBS show Survivor, but another pre-programmed kit in the TD-20. This also uses the same pedal action as FX.
  • Funk Sequence – The TD-20 has about 80 sequence patterns you can play with – from heavy metal to cheesy love songs, funk and jazz and many more. In this sequence, I play a funk pattern.
  • Jazz-Funk Sequence – Yet another cool sequence to play with.
  • Samba Sequence – for this sequence I used one of the hardest patterns for me to play, and that is Steve Gadd’s Mozambique.

I have also finally recorded a song – playing along with Rush. I wanted to pick a song that hasn’t been done that much but is also technically difficult and fun to play. I chose Prime Mover from the Hold Your Fire album.

  • Prime Mover – played along with the song in the background at low volume
  • Test For Echo – one of my favorite drum songs from Rush – another play along with the song in the background

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